Quality Control
The Company Quality Policy History of the Coffee Quality Control Awards Curiosities

Café Santa Fé guarantees more cups and less powder because it is submitted to rigorous quality controls. It begins with the selection of the coffee, always obtained from sunny zones where the fruits grow healthier and stronger.

The roasting is another detailed treated with caress in order to the beverage never gets bitter with an annoying flavor. A modern process with sophisticated equipment does the grinding.

Santa Fé is produced with no manual contact, with top technology by ROSSI TECH ´N´ESPRESSO, worldwide leader company in the manufacture of coffee bottle in pods – individual dosage wrapped in a filter paper, packaged in aluminum with oxygen residue inferior to 1% or in roasted grains of a superior category. 

The practice, hygiene and maintenance are remarkable characteristics of our product that differ from the other existing processes in the market.

Santa Fé is good because it reaches you with the best way. Purê, healthy, aromatic and delicious. To offer affection to your taste.